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Sometimes, from the outside, it can appear as if a person has loads of resources – a good job, loving family and friends, enough money to meet their needs  – yet they are still unfulfilled, underperforming or just underwhelmed by life. Our abilities to clarify, adapt and act are key to making changes that lead to long-term fulfilment, high performance and a zest for life. The 4 step formula below describes how clarity, passion, self-awareness and action create positive, sustainable change.

1. Get Clear

What is purpose but a feeling of doing something important? Would you like to spend more of your time contributing to the world by making a valuable difference? Discover what really juices you up, what lights a fire in your belly, sharpens your focus and fills you with joy. That clarity becomes the reason & the driver to move through challenge to meet your goals – or exceed them!

2. Be Driven

Passion is the result of action. Taking action fuels and hones our sense of purpose. Is lack of motivation or procrastination your challenge?

Learn to meet challenge as a friend, not a foe. Learn how to drop the struggle with procrastination & inertia and get moving. By understanding the role that pain and pleasure plays in motivation you can mindfully entice, or scare, yourself into action anytime, anywhere.

3. Understand Yourself

What holds us back from being, doing and having all that we want in life? Our perception of reality, that is, our thoughts and feelings.

What are your internal obstacles, your limiting beliefs, wounds and weaknesses? What are your elevating beliefs, gifts & capabilities? By illuminating your strengths as well as your shortcomings you will learn strategies to examine your thinking, expose & shift limiting assumptions & love your vunerabilities.

4. Act with Volition

With all this clarity, drive and self-love, there is only one thing left to do – Take Massive Mindful Action! Or at the very least one small step in the right direction.

Integrating your head, heart and gut enables powerful decision making. Learn strategies to check-in with your inner wisdom, plan efficiently and consistently get things done until you arrive at your chosen destination.

Calandra Gilligan

Author Calandra Gilligan

I’m Calandra Gilligan, Personal Coach and Therapist at Success and Survival Strategies. I work with people who seek to understand themselves and live purposeful, fulfilling lives. I offer free online Discovery Sessions to give you the opportunity to experience the benefits of coaching.

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