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10 coaching questions to shift from stuck to moving

Shift from Stuck to Moving with these 10 Coaching Questions

Are you intelligent, resourceful and passionate, yet find yourself unmotivated, anxious . . . and stuck?

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Hi, I'm Calandra

I’m an NLP Master Practitioner & mBit certified Personal Coach & Therapist. I partner with clients as they pursue new and more fulfilling life experiences. I combine a pragmatic, action oriented approach with therapeutic tools that support clients to make systemic changes for lasting impact in their lives.

As your coach, I will guide you to develop your strengths, set goals that express your values, to understand and challenge your blind spots, and take powerful decisions. My passion and expertise will support you to become a more integrated individual, pursuing your own measures of success and liking yourself more in the process.

More about Cal
Calandra Gilligan - Personal coach and therapist in Melbourne

What's Stopping You?

Many people come to me because they already know the things that they should be doing to live the life they want – but they’re just not doing them.

My clients often identify anxiety, lack of self esteem or confidence, lack of direction or purpose as the reasons why they’re struggling to move forwards.

Sometimes we can pinpoint the obstacles to our fulfilment and success. Sometimes we can’t. Either way, I can help you to uncover and shift the underlying patterns that prevent you from thriving. Once you develop the will and the skills to meet challenge and pursue your goals, you’ll find the ‘stuck’ aspects of your life begin to shift rapidly.

Coaching changes lives

Coaching with me is a creative and thought provoking partnership that will inspire you to maximise your personal and professional potential. I use proven tools that will enable you to explore your goals and ambitions and to achieve them.

My effective coaching framework will challenge the status quo of your thinking, feeling and behaving. It enables fresh insights and offers strategies for those insights to be put into action. You’ll experience improved effectiveness, capacity and capability.

If you’re seeking a upgrade in your Relationships, Career, Health, Personal Development or Spirituality I can help you to clarify what you want, create a plan and develop the self belief and motivation to achieve it.

Action is the key that turns insights into results

Success stories

Calandra came highly recommended to me to initially improve my emotional self-awareness and create lasting strategies to communicate mindfully with others. Her passionate, insightful, and knowledgeable approach is so highly motivating and personally empowering that I have engaged Cal for repeated coaching sessions over the last 10 years. The experiences have positively and deeply impacted my personal and work relationships and I simply cannot recommend Calandra enough.

Andy FodorClinical Informatics Specialist, Epworth HealthCare

I used to suffer from anxiety and depression most of the time. I would often try to understand my past and figure out what had gone wrong and what was wrong with me. It was exhausting and often demoralising. Cal has helped me discover a completely different way. Life Coaching is all about looking forward to the life you want and working towards living that life, starting now. Sessions with Cal are exciting, deeply meaningful and transformative. I love working with her.


I initially sought Cal for support following an assault that I experienced at work. Cal helped me through a maze of post-trauma feelings with such skill and care that I decided to work with Cal on other areas of my life that I wanted to enhance. Working with Cal helped me to identify and build up my own internal resources, and it has given me many more helpful ways to resolve conflicting values in my life.

JonoSpecial Projects Coordinator, Banksia Gardens Community Services

My name is Shobhana Nambiar, an Emergency medicine doctor and mother of a 4 yr old daughter, I sought coaching with Cal during a time of significant performance anxiety, lack of professional direction and poor self esteem and agency. It has had a profound and lasting effect in my life not only in the professional realm but in relationships, physical health, creativity, emotional energy and positive world view. Calandra's approach is empathic, authentic and practical and feels deeply personal and tailored to the individual. Sessions are energising, uplifting and packed with punch...the immediate changes you feel and see in your life keep you motivated to continue to do the personal work that is needed. I have consistently fallen back on the lessons and insights I’ve learnt with Calandra for over 10 years and cannot recommend her more highly.

Shobhana NambiarEmergency Medicine Doctor

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In this 20 minute phone or Skype conversation we’ll explore the challenges you’re facing, what you want to have happen, and the resources and obstacles you’ve got working for and against you.

If I believe that I can be of benefit to you, we’ll discuss options to begin our coaching relationship and get you moving forward.