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10 coaching questions to shift from stuck to moving

Shift from Stuck to Moving with these 10 Coaching Questions

About Calandra

I believe that a desire to grow and contribute are fundamental to being human, and that it is through relationship, first with ourselves and then with others, that a fulfilling life of growth & contribution is established. Hence, I take a partnership approach to coaching along with an holistic view of my client’s lives.

I am particularly interested in the integration of those parts of ourselves that we may have disowned because they cause us to feel ashamed, frightened, frustrated or sad. I employ a wide variety of techniques that will compassionately assist you to meet these ‘parts’, learn about their needs and reintegrate them back into your self. I’ll support you to develop your strengths, determine your own answers and take resourceful decisions that deliver life-upgrading results.

I have been practicing coaching for thirteen years, have a passion for personal growth, qualifications in Life Coaching, NLP, mBIT, ACT & Yoga and professional membership with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

In my personal life I am a mum and wife who loves to dance to jazz as well as Beyonce. I’m into hiking, art of all kinds, reading non-fiction, studying human behaviour and contributing to my community by volunteering. I exercise and meditate most days. My husband would describe me as a “creative” cook.

Calandra Gilligan - Personal coach and therapist in Melbourne

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Coaching Philosophy

We all need compassionate, wise guidance to successfully negotiate life. Ideally that guidance comes easily from within, but often times we need to receive it from others, skilled in the particular aspects of growth we are pursuing. Negotiating life’s inevitable challenges is so much easier when we have skilled and compassionate support. Someone who can steadfastly be with us in our vulnerability without judgement, with a desire to serve us and with some questions & suggestions that are as tough as they are kind.

“It’s okay to be messy whilst in the pursuit of self awareness, self regulation, resourcefulness and integrity”

Some coaches can be uncomfortable about being with people’s big emotions, fears, idiosyncratic desires and wounds, because they can be messy. The messy-ness doesn’t fit neatly into a model or personality profiling tool. Models and coaching tools are excellent ways to structure our thinking about our experience, but they can’t encompass the truth of all that you are. We are complex, wonderfully messy and reasurringly similar. Everyone is a bit weird in their own way. In my coaching sessions, its really ok to be messy whilst in the pursuit of self awareness, self regulation, resourcefulness and integrity.

Utilising the skills and principles of my profession in my own life not only deepens my understanding of those tools, it gives me a much richer understanding of what my clients experience when I ask them to face their fears, acknowledge their deepest desires or challenge old ingrained patterns of behaving in the world.

“Changing thoughts will only do so much. Developing new consistent behaviours is the key to fast change and long-term success”

Test, test, test, is one of my mottos. It is great to have an insight (sometimes called an ‘ah ha’ or lightbulb moment) in a coaching session but that is only the beginning of the change process. Coaching not only facilitates deep insight into yourself and others, it asks, “So, now that you know, what are you going to do about it?” Action is the key that turns insights into results. It’s a process that begins with self-awareness and develops into habits of success.

If you would like to learn more about my attitudes to growth and change read my blog page.

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