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The formula for Sustainable Change

Calandra Gilligan - Personal coach and therapist in Melbourne
Sometimes, from the outside, it can appear as if a person has loads of resources – a good job, loving family and friends, enough money to meet their needs  - yet they are still unfulfilled, underperforming or just underwhelmed by life. Our abilities to clarify, adapt and act are key to making changes that lead to long-term fulfilment, high performance and a zest for life. The 4 step formula below describes how clarity, passion, self-awareness and action create positive, sustainable change. 1. Get Clear What is purpose but a feeling of doing something important? Would you like to spend more of your time contributing to the world by making a valuable difference? Discover what really juices you up, what lights a fire in your belly, sharpens your focus and fills you with joy. That clarity becomes the reason & the driver to move through challenge to meet your goals –…
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