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Food for thought

Managing the Inevitability of Change

Calandra Gilligan - Personal coach and therapist in Melbourne
Have you ever found yourself believing that change is difficult? Or been challenged by others who are resisting change? Change is a fundamental human experience, it is inevitable. Either we are growing and learning or we are stagnating, atrophying and dying, but we are always changing. Why would we resist something that is inevitable? Because, we fear it. Specifically we fear the potential to experience the pain that may come with change. When we anticipate pain, the same centres in our brains that process actual physical or emotional pain are triggered. We begin to experience the pain of our premonitions, even though the event has not, and may never, come to pass. To avoid pain we waste a lot of energy trying to control things outside of our control - other people, resources, even our own thoughts. We tend to be more motivated by the desire to avoid pain than…
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